Google Post Ads; A Massive Change in Online Marketing and How They Can Benefit Your Business

Toyota was one of the first companies to be offered a chance to test Google+ post advertising Online marketing has always been divided into two basic schools: social media/content marketing and pay per click (ppc) or pay per view advertising. And while there was some crossover through direct advertising on Facebook or other social media […]

How Does Google Work? (Infographic)

Ever wondered how Google sorts through millions of websites, gathers billions of bits of data and answers billions of search queries daily? put together a great infographic to help demonstrate what Google does after you’ve published your latest blog post, tweet or other totally awesome content. The infographic does a good job at making […]

Content Marketing or Value Marketing?

Content Marketing or value marketing

Business success has always been based on an ability to provide value to your clients. Businesses succeed by making a product that is better than the competition or offering a service that people need. When customers fail to find value in the product or service, the business fails. The same holds true with online marketing. […]

Google+ Comments Poised to Change Social Media…But Not Yet

Google + Comments

When Google directly integrated Authorship into G+ they demonstrated a direct connection between the social network and the search engine results. Now with the recent implementation of Google+ comments first to Blogger based websites and now to sites (via an unsupported plugin-basically a hack), Google is combining the viral power of Twitter with the […]